Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Strange sounds explained

We are very grateful to Dennis for sharing this extraordinary story with us.
Thought you might like to know that the strange sounds from my new Shed  have at last  been  explained.

The rumblings and sometimes almost intestinal  sounds grew louder recently to the point whereby we needed to call in an expert. We called in a Dr Woodknot to take a look, he soon had a theory and called in an Obshedtrician who performed an ultrasound scan of my new Shed.

The results can be seen in the attached ultrasound picture.
Its quite clear, my shed is indeed with Shedling.
The Obshedtrician explained that Sheds are hermaphrodites and the the recent cumming together of Susan and my shed would have produced this result! The Shedling will most probably  be born later this week.
Quote from Anne “ I new this would happen letting that Susan round here, now we have been left holding the poor little ******** and born out of Shedlock too!”  

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