The Chronicles of Barmier

With so many new members it was thought necessary to provide them with a brief history of the SagaLouts. The name of course has nothing to do with a company that has expropriated the word Saga (litigation is ongoing).

As the last Ice Age retreated the men of the Fens ventured south in search of genetic diversity bringing with them the Great Fen Sagas. Two great warriors Ronvald and Keiathos brought their supporters with them, Ronvald settling near the Spring of Bassing whilst Keiathos found the verdant pastures of the Mel to his liking.

After establishing their settlements both men were conferred with the honorarium of Ranger, a source of continued conflict to this day. Within the parish of Melbourn the holder of this office is known as Our Glorious Leader the title having been passed down through countless generations from Keiathos himself.

We are grateful to the group archivist for the discovery of the earliest known photograph of a Saga Louts meeting.
Being an ancient order the SagaLouts perform many traditional ceremonies and none more important that of Initiation and some current pre-initiates are still awaiting their opportunity to attain full membership. It is incumbent on all full members, who are known as Deputies, never to divulge the details of the Initiation Ceremony although it is of course heralded by week long boiling of the sausage at a secure location followed by case hardening by our local smithy. There are rarely any long term medical complications after this ceremony, indeed some members have even experienced some improvement in their digestive system after participating in it.

Regular meetings

SagaLout meetings take place at a variety of local venues and here at the BH drill hall Deputy Gerry can be seen relaxing after a strenuous session of Canadian Airforce Exercises whilst Deputy Paul graphically describes a recent 737 touchdown at Stanstead.

Regular meetings enable a frank exchange of views

The Stockbridge Meadows incident

The rivalry between Ranger Ron from Bassingbourn and Our Glorious Leader came to a head again in 1987. The villagers of Melbourn were assembled for the Summer Fayre on Stockbridge Meadows when they were confronted with the ear-splitting roar of a powerful engine.

Crossing the Mel at high speed.
Out of the undergrowth emerged a large red car travelling at great speed. It terrorised the villagers, smashing into picnic tables and demolishing the bandstand. Young children ran screaming to their mothers and old ladies fainted as it drove round and round eventually coming to a halt.

The "Beast" of Bassingbourn
From inside emerged a giant of a man, well over 2 meters tall with long unkempt hair and a dirty beard and wearing the half shirt favoured by men of Bassingbourn. He made straight for the centre of the meadow where people were enjoying the traditional Moose Roast and pushed over the spit causing the unfortunate animal to fall into the embers. Brandishing a stick he challenged the men of Melbourn to fight him. A long silence ensued as strong men cowered behind their womenfolk; that is until, with a banshee roar, Our Glorious Leader raced towards the man mountain felling him with a single blow to the knee. The humiliated Ranger Ron slunk away leaving the car behind.

Male Order

Although the SagaLouts are an exclusively male order our womenfolk are involved in a variety of supporting roles. Whilst tradition demands that they usually walk respectfully two paces behind their male spouses this requirement is occasionally waived for example after the recent land mine incident at Stockbridge Meadows assumed to be the work of Ranger Ron.

Happy in their work
We are also delighted at the progress made on the restoration of the river Mel and the addition of washing stones that will enable our womenfolk to improve the quality of our laundry without wasting expensive electricity. This communal activity enables them to exchange charming anecdotes about us, their menfolk, as well as an opportunity for our daughters to be introduced to the world of household drudgery that is their right.

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