Lord Rotten of Borough

We are delighted to be able to announce that Lord Rotten has agreed to become our patron and we look forward to his visit later this year.

Lord Rotten’s association with our village may be of interest to younger readers. By the early 1970’s Melbourn had become the centre of the emerging Punk Rock scene and although born in London the young Johnny soon made his way to Melbourn where he would hang around the Post Office in the hope of picking up some session work. He soon met fellow musicians from bands that were later to become Punk legends like The Clunch and it was during this period that he and Joe Strimmer developed their life-long love of topiary.

His meeting with Sidney Quite Unpleasant of course resulted in probably the most influential Punk band of all time, the appropriately named Socks Pistols. Their seminal work, Never mind the Bullocks, was a reminder that the countryside is full of dangers. Their attitude to convention and authority was well known and culminated in that famous incident when the “F” word was used for the first time on the BBC. During and interview with Bill Grundy, doing a rare stint away from the Archers, one of the band members, Steve Jones, who later became a renowned geneticist, when asked what was his favourite confectionary, he replied “Fudge!”. The BBC’s charter of course specifically precludes mention of confectionary and the ensuing furore was to last for several months and resulted in early retirement for Grundy.

Many of those aging Punk legends have now returned to Melbourn to play their final gig and are resident in The Moorlands, a sprawling gated community near the centre of the village. Although these days they are more likely to be calling the A & E man than the A & R man, particularly if a rusting safety pin results in Septicaemia or a Werther's Original becomes stuck in the throat, they can still rock, that is if the chair is available.

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